Bonnie Lassies


Margaret Morrow

Cotton and Silk

Various fabrics for all the ladies with whom Burns was associated!

Jan Watson

Bonnie Lassies

Inspired by Beryl Cook’s wonderful drawings.

I thought a modern day Burns would appreciate a fine haunch!

Bondaweb appliqué. Machine embroidery and quilting. The lassies’ stockings are Mistyfuse!

Pat Archibald

The Bonnie Lassies

This is inspired by a verse in a poem by Burns entitled ‘The Idle Swain’. In the poem he is not too complimentary in his thoughts about women and refers to them as ‘uncertain’ and ‘idle’…….

 Joyce Watson

Mary’s Asleep

Inspired by the steel sculpture at Dalmellington, Ayrshire by Malcolm Robertson, these lines from “Flow Gently Sweet Afton” are presented as distorted text. My resultant cipher is a distressed filigree of assorted fabrics and free machining. Thread-painted hedgerow berries are included to suggest the growth beside the riverbank cradling Mary as she sleeps. The bottom edge is shaped as bridge arches.

The words, worked on fabrics that melted when heated, read:

Flow Gently
Sweet Afton
Mary’s Asleep
Disturb not her Dream.

Mary’s Asleep

Mary Ennis

Banks and Braes

By the “Bonnie Doune”. Hand dyed and commercial fabrics were used to represent the scene. Rose and woodbine…….but, sadly, no birds.

 Margaret O’Gorman

The Golden Girls

This quilt has a background of long hexagons in tribute to the lady quilters of the 19th century. The Golden Girls, who attracted Burns’ wandering eye, are machine appliquéd. Machine quilted.