Gillian Cooper

Unseen Time

Based on the painted marks on an Ancient Greek sculpture, which have worn away over time, leaving only slight indents in the stone. From the depth of these indents, scientists have been able to work out which pigments were used and give us an idea of how highly painted these now-plain figurines would have looked.

Raw edge piecing of hand-dyed, painted and stencilled fabric. Over-painted with gesso and acrylic, with detail added in Markal paintstik. Free machine stitched.

Alison Drayson

Three Times Sweeter

Inspired by photographs of magnified sugar crystals which, by capturing light at different angles, appear as iridescent spiky shards. The quilt further explores the theme of magnification by enlarging the original sketch twice more (a technique learned from Katie Pasquini Masopust).

Bonded applique moves outwards from darker to lighter shades (all cut from one piece of hand dyed fabric). Quilted with straight line and free motion quilting in various weights and colours of metallic threads.

Margaret Morrow


Magnification —— feathers screen printed onto white fabric and more feathers of different sizes cut from sheer fabric and appliquéd . The border is composed of different sizes of squares and rectangles.

Joyce Watson

Life Strands

The double helix of magnified DNA has been interpreted in a number of manipulated three-dimensional fabric techniques. Vivid lime-green reflects the exciting depths of the discovery of the building blocks of life.

Margaret O’Gorman

Galium Aparine (Goosegrass, Cleavers or Sticky Willie)

The spherical fruit of goosegrass is covered with hooks. They all face the same way so that, having attached itself to the fur of an animal and been carried some distance from the mother plant, it can be easily released, allowing the 3 seeds it contains to fall to the ground.

Raw edge appliqué and machine quilting.

Sheena Reeman

Magnification of a Hellebore Leaf 

The choosing of a subject for “Magnification” proved problematic until I discovered a picture of the magnification of a hellebore leaf. I looked up my old school book of botanical drawings and used a combination to construct the image.

I also wanted to depict the hellebore flowers, their colour providing a stark contrast to the dark background.

The magnification circle is composed of hand dyed cotton, painted cotton bandage, habotai silk and various threads which have been couched on.

The hellebores were made separately, then appliqued onto the background, which was then quilted with a hellebore leaf design.